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2008 retrospective

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2008 was a very hard year.   It was a very hard year for us personally and a very hard year for our nation.  What started as a year filled with hope and promise quickly fell apart.  

  • News came of my aunt;s devistating and traumatic fall with subsequent move to a nursing home as a permanent resident.
  • Disinfranchisement from our home church after 15 years of involvement in ministry
  • Career did not head in the direction hoped for
  • Had to end a 6 month attempt to be guardian for my aunt long distance
  • Discouraged when my niece chose not to move in with us after working hard to prepare that room for her.
  • Economic reality required second job
  • Physically still battling a few issues that drain my energy and contribute to general discouragemnt.
  • Challenge to find a new home church where we fit in.
  • Had to put to sleep one of our beloved pups due to cancer.

In the midst of this crazy year we did have some neat highlights. 

  • Vacation in May in Las Vegas – with a lovely trip to Zion National Park in Utah.  What amazing landscape, such rugged terraine.  Our dear friends that live in Vegas planned the week for us and it was fabulous.  Our time together with very dear old friends was precious and far too short.
  • Repaint of our bedroom – and reorganization of the room was really a welcome change.  With so much of the clutter out of the room it is bigger than we realized.  There was a lot of hard work into fixing cracks, patching plaster, and painting.  And the colors chosen are interesting, vibrant but refreshing.  I just love our bedroom now.
  • Several trips to IKEA .  If you have never gone to IKEA it is an adventure.  We got so many great ideas and purchased several things to organize our house.
  • A fabulous road trip with great friends that included a stop at an italian import store… the car was filled with the smells of italian meats and pepperocinis with crusty italian bread.  Who could ask for better.
  • A week in the florida sun.
  • Thanksgiving with most of the family gathered at the table.
  • The opportunity to work a second job and suppliment the income.
  • A husband that is loving, kind, hard working and eternally optimistic.

Noone but God knows what 2009 holds for us.  Praying for grace and mercy that the new year will be filled with refreshment and hope.


Written by Barbara Bloom

December 31, 2008 at 12:31 PM