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Welcome 2009

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Our first day ofthe new year has greeted us with a new sense of hope and a desire to turn our faces to the Lord.  Welcome new year.  May this new year be filled with blessing, hope and the presence of the Lord in a powerful way. 

Like an old garment we have shed the tatters of 2008, and embrace the promise of a new garment of time.  I yearn for this to be a year filled with peace and quiet confidence that everything in our lives is carefully watched over by the hand of the Almighty.  And as we extend our greetings to family and friends I am sincere in my hope that the Lord will fill each day with his grace, that he will go before us on everything and that we will have the wisdom and vision to see and follow his leading.

Lord, Walk with us through each moment of 2009.  I commit this moment, and this year to your hands and know that anything given to you will be safely kept.  Thank you that you number our days and our years.  Help me to seek you each day, and to fill my thoughts with that which is good, pleasing and gives hope.  Help us to know the next step down the path of this life, and may your light continue to shine in our hearts, giving us your power for living.  Amen.



Written by Barbara Bloom

January 1, 2009 at 1:01 PM

Posted in daily life, prayer

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