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Resolutions and the new year

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So what is on my mind today?  It is beginning to look like this new year has several themes:

  1. Balance – I think this is a life long learning point – I am still struggling to find balance bewtween home, work and family.  Truth is I get home from work and feel exhausted, lacking in energy or motivation to do anything, and it shows in the house, and my life itself. 
  2. Discipline – Renewing my pledge to myself, this is the year I will get more organized in every aspect of my life – housekeeping, use of my time, organization of our things, time spent with God, weight loss. 
  3. Learning to Love – This is the year that I want to open my heart again, and learn to love people like Jesus loves them.  I once loved deeply, and still do love my husband without any condition or barrier, but the world has beaten me up enough that I am hesitant to open my heart up and love others unconditionally. 
  4. Becoming willing to speak up about injustices
  5. Becoming bolder in my witness
  6. Growing deeper in my devotion to Christ
  7. Growing more madly in love with my husband
  8. Making a plan and carrying it out to improve career skills
  9. Get out of debt and stay out of it.  – starting with cutting up the credit cards.  It is cash and cash alone baby!

Written by Barbara Bloom

January 3, 2009 at 1:03 PM

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