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Gran Torino – The Movie

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Our friends invited us out for a movie and dinner.   I have to be honest in saying I bristled at the thought of another Clint Eastwood “shoot em up” movie, but is was surprised by the wonderfully written, personable movie Gran Torino was. 

Clint plays an aging man in a neighborhood that is no longer familiar or well kept.  He has strived to keep everything in good repair or fix everything he owns to preserve his posessions.  His family is distant from him, unable to relate to his bristling personality.  And his bigotted racial inuendo, laced with anger and angst about how life has changed is clear in the first moments when he grunts with displeasure at his granddaughter’s belly piercing. 

By the middle of the movie my thoughts about the character are changing.  I wanted him to succeed, I was really routing for him… wanting him to find closure from his anger, his frustration and acceptance, love, peace.  And in the end the movie left me seeing a theme of redemption, of sacrificial love, of restraint, of nurture, of lessons learned.  Clint’s character, Walt Kowalsky, is a man you initially hate because he is so bristling, but by the end of the movie he was someone you began to understand – he was honest, he was wise, resourceful, and inevitably deeply caring. 

If you ever have the opportunity to go see this movie, do so!

The trailer is at:


Written by Barbara Bloom

January 12, 2009 at 9:53 AM

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