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Lessons from Lot’s life

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Lot, the son of Abraham’s brother was traveling with Abraham until arguments made living together difficult.  Lot and Abram came to the agreement to part company, and Lot chose to move toward the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, which looked like the lush and fertile land.

In chapter 19 of Genesis we now see Lot again.  He has moved from living on the land to living in the city.  And the city is Sodom, the city that the Lord spoke with Abraham about because the wickedness of that city rose up demanding God’s response.

Here are a few facts we learn about Lot:

  • Lot sat in the gate of Sodom  – Men who sit in the gate of the city are leaders, movers and shakers, men of prominence and possibly of influence.  So Lot is a mover and shaker in Sodom.
  • Lot is responsive to guests – He noticed them, knew instantly they were not from the city.  He rose to greet them.
  • Lot is respectful to guests – He bowed himself to them with his face to the ground.  Bowing is respect, and in some cultures not looking into the eyes or face of the visitor is respect.  He also calls himself their servant.  In the truest sense, servants are humble.
  • Lot is given to hospitality – He invites the Lord to his home, to wash their feet, and to eat, and spend the night. 
  • Lot is responsive/accommidating to the wicked citizens of Sodom – When the depraved citizens arrive and surround Lot’s house he chooses to go out tospeak with them.  As the wicked men press Lot to give them the visitors he caves in with an offer to give them his daughters.  Lot is not known for making good decisions – but he crosses another line by his willingness to give his daughters over to this depraved mob.  What father would ever risk the purity and safety of their daughter in this way.
  • Lot is hesitant to respond to God’s direction – After the Lord pulls him back into the house and is forced to blind the men at the door he informs Lot of the plan that they will destroy Sodom.  The Lord orders him to gather his family and flee.  We learn that the angels had to hasten Lot to move, and he lingered, requiring the men to lay hold on him and physically move him out of the city. 
  • Lot bartered to change the directions God gave him – God said get out and get to the mountains.  Lot wanted to stay in the small town known as Zoar.  God wanted to utterly destroy the cities of the plaines- this was one of the cities.  After the destruction of Sodom and Gomorreh Lot feared living in Zoar – and ran to the mountains to hide in a cave with his daughters.  Actually Lot is
  • Lot’s wife was not obedient – They were told not to look back but flee. She turned around to look, and was turned to a pillar of salt.  Lesson for me is this – when god takes you from some place don;t look back – just go forward.  Looking back can only pull you down or destroy you.  Some things in life just need to be layed aside.
  • Lot allowed the wickedness of Sodom to pollute his family – After the destruction the daughters both got him drunk and slept with him, finding themselves pregnant by their father.  Incest is an abomination, but it must have been normal to the citizens of Sodom because these girls thought nothing of doing this act.  These children would become two peoples that God viewed as enemies – Moab and Ammonites.

Lot leaves us with lessons that are hard to watch, and lessons that are soaked with sin and wrong decision.  He lives in sharp contrast to his uncle, Abraham.  Lot is so much like any of us when we live outside the salvation and grace of God.   And we learn alot about God’s character here also – In spite of Lot and his family being steeped in the influence and ways of Sodom, God agrees to rescue Lot and his family because of the conversation with Abraham.  And in spite of removing Lot and his family from Sodom,  Sodom went with them as they fled the city because Sodom was deeply ingrained into their very souls.

Lord, thank you for the honesty of your word.  Thank you that you give us examples of people who were not perfect, people who really made a mess of life.  While Lot’s life is one that I am asking you to keep me from, you demonstrated your passion to not loose one person, and at the request of Abraham you honored his request and rescued Lot.  We all have Lots in our lives that are impossible cases.  May you look upon us and keep us from making bad decisions.  Keep us teachable, willing to submit to authority, quick to respond with obedience to your word and may we finish well.  All we surrender back to you and thank you that you are faithful to lead us, guide us, and keep us until the day of redemption.  Amen.

I have to be honest here, and say this.  Do you ever get to a point where you wonder why God will rescue someone only to see them return to their sin, and dig in deeper?  I shudder in fear to understand this chapter of the bible.  Such deep wickedness on so many levels, Lot finding himself a leader in the community, and un


Written by Barbara Bloom

January 17, 2009 at 5:21 PM

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