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More Lessons from Abram

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I continue my slow read through the bible, and have reached Genesis 17 and 18 and here are a  few lessons I have learned from the passage about Abram.

God pursues Abram – There are multiple mentions (8 to be exact) that God reached out and makes contact with Abram.  Each time God contacts Abram there is a distinct reason.  Chapter 17 opens with the Lord appearing to him to explain his desire to make a covenant with Abram and his people. 

Abram is responsive to God’s calling – After The Lord appeared to Abram and requested all men in his household, and his servants, and those staying with him be circumcized we see Abram respond.  While I cannot fully understand the pain experienced by grown men being circumcized, the point is it was painful to respond and obey God.  Abram was willing to obey this request, and lead in bringing his entire household into obedience too.  I pray that when God asks me to obey hat I will respond.

Abram feared and reverenced God – Every time the Lord revealed himself to Abram scripture tells us that “Abram fell on his face”.  May my heart and my mind always respond to the holyness and authority of the Lord with fear and reverence like this.  Scripture tells us that Abram was visited by God….  My mind cannot wrap itself around the idea of physical visitation by the Lord himself.  I would be like Isaiah – undone, a woman of unclean lips.  My sins would be right there, layed out before the holiness of a mighty god.  

Abram was persistant with God – When he heard the news that Sodom would be destroyed he began a process of bartering, begging God to not destroy the city for 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 righteous people.  He didn;t just take the news at face value – probab ly i nthe back of his mind was the knowlege that Lot was living there… and he wanted to save Lot and his family from thsi destruction.  When I hear of something do I ask or pursue God to change the plans?  Am I persistant enough to move God’s hand or sway his decision.  I am asking God to make me a woman of prayer, a warrior of prayer, that I might stand in the gap.

Abram was a man of faith, but sometimes he could only believe in what he saw – The Lord was speaking with him, promising to make a covenant with him, and promised to give him a son.  Immediately Abram asked that Ishmael, the son of his servant girl, would be blessed.  He could see Ishmael.  He could not see his own son, born of Sarah and himself which was a promise made, but not fulfilled.  Abram was also looking at his age, and the physical impossibility of creating a child in their advanced age.  But God.  

Abram practiced hospitality – Chapter 18 opens with the visitation of the Lord to Abram’s tent in the plains of Mamre.  Abram welcomes the trinity, and invites them to dine with him.  Perhaps part of this is just cultural, but it is significant in my mind that he would not let them leave until he gave them water, shade, bread to eat and meat – not something already cooked, but he had one of his animals slaughtered and prepared for this meal.  He wanted his guests to be well rested, and receive nourishment before they continued on in their journey.   I am thankful that my husband and I  shares this desire and passion.  There is something special about feeding and encouraging people. 

Abraham was given inside information by God – After the wonderful hospitality, Abram walked God toward Sodom – and learned of their plan to visit and destroy the city because of wickedness.   The Lord revealed this information which was not commonly known.


Written by Barbara Bloom

January 17, 2009 at 5:17 PM

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