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Sarah – Seeking answers

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As I continue to read through Genesis another lesson is emerging before my eyes. Sarah and Abraham have wrestled with barreness, and with the words of God that Abraham would be the father of many nations. At one point Sarah takes matters into her own hands and offers her servant Hagar as a surrogate mother. The servant becomes pregnant and gives birth to Ishmael, Abraham’s son.

But from that point Sarah remains jealous, and expresses her hatred for this servant, and Ishmael. Years later, God grants Sarah the ability to concieve and give birth to Isaac, and in the midst of the joy and celebration of chapter 21 Sarah’s eyes turn to see Hagar. She remains angry and jealous of Hagar. The tension between these two women must have been unbearably challenging. By rule of law, first born is typically the power broker of the family, the leader, the one granted the inheritance. Maybe this is the tension, or maybe it is the fact that the servant Hagar is egyptian, or maybe the servant has become arrogant about being a mother of one of Abraham;s children. Scripture doesn;t spell the details out, but it does speak of the tension, and of Abraham taking the issue to God in prayer.

So here is a lesson to be learned. God promised Abraham a descendant without the obvious detail of how this would occur. Sarah took this as a challenge to look for answers. Searching is ok, but one thing neither of them did was lay their thoughts out before the lord. As a result what seemed like a momentary solution has become a geneational struggle for acceptance and power between the people of Ishmael and the people of Isaac….which I interpret as the Jews and the ARabs. The relational tensions between the two women must have been harsh to live with.

Application question– What in my life is unanswered, or unresolved and am I laying it before the lord or seeking my own answers to it?

Teach me Lord to look to you for answers that are not apparent right now.  Give me the discipline to wait on you for your answer, in your time.  Grant me the grace to accept your answer, and your timing in the matter.  Please keep me and help me to remain in your perfect will, and not just your permissible will.   Amen

Application question – What problems have I created by moving ahead of God, or seeking solutions that are beyond his plan for my life?

Thank you Lord for still being there, and walking with me through this life.  I have made mistakes, and sinned by running ahead of you.  Look at my life now and forgive me for my actions and thoughts.  My life is in your hands, and the mistakes are ever present in my life.  Show me now how to move forward, and use the mistakes to change me, redirect me, focus me back to your perfect will. Grant, I pray, grace for this day, and peace to accept what cannot be changed in my life.  Amen.


Written by Barbara Bloom

January 19, 2009 at 7:19 PM

2 Responses

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  1. Hi, I came via the ClevelandMom weblog.
    I haven’t read all your posts, but the ones I have read so far resonate so much with me. For the past year, I have refrained to take matters into my own hands (for a particular situation in my life), but the temptation is often there. I have never lived by faith as I am right now, and God is showing His faithfulness through it all. Several things are slowly (but surely) happening, and all of it is His handiwork! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


    January 24, 2009 at 11:55 PM

  2. Very interesting! Definitely an area all of us need to think about and probably act upon! Thanks for keeping it real. Blessings, Mary


    May 13, 2009 at 4:10 PM

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