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Change is challenging

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Today was the day… a day that started out ordinary as it could be with the usual… get dressed, get to work and get busy.  But there was an unspoken bitter tension in the air that you just cannot escape.  Tensions began to mount, and shortly after noon my coworker made no announcement – just started moving her things to another cubicle.  She is resentful of me because our boss called all of us to a higher level of professionalism.  We all have areas to improve, but our boss had the boldness and courage to be honest, and take stock in developing us. 

Tensions mounted when around 1p we all got an appointment for a meeting at 2:30p with the big boss.  What now!  Lord what now.  In the pit of my stomach I thought that he might be telling us we are done, thank you and file for unemployment.  So I prayed, and read the psalms, and prayed between my work. 

My boss appeared in the conference room looking like she heard the worst news of her life, holding back the tears.  They have made a plan to  transition us away from her leadership, and hired a new project leader to shepherd us.  We have our jobs.  We have a new boss who will assume full leadership slowly, as she comes on line. 

My heart sunk a bit.  We know our current boss.  She is predictable, she is fair, she keeps us informed.  What will this new person be?  Who can know.

So in the pit of my stomach is a dull ache.  Change is never easy nor does it seem good when the initial news drops like an atomic bomb on our ears.  But they that trust in the lord shall prosper.  I am turning my thoughts to the knowlege that everything falls from the hand of god.

So Lord, take this new challenge and gird up my bowels for it.  Grant me the wisdom to know how to proceed, and your wisdom to see things as they are, not as they might sound.  Be with my current boss in this challenging time, and give her peace to know that you have plans for her life.  Give me peace to know that you will never leave me nor forsake me.  Amen.


Written by Barbara Bloom

January 21, 2009 at 2:45 PM

Posted in daily life, growth, prayer

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