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Perhaps it is just my vantage point in the world, or perhaps not.  The economy has hit our city hard, with layoffs every time you turn around.  I work for the county hospital, “civil service” and never would imagine that the news would hit of another round of layoffs. 

10am – boss calls us to a meeting – coworker is emailing me with just one word “EEEEEEEEEEK”

10:10am – boss reads a prepared statement, and advises us that our area is safe.  But the hospital will loose 193 active jobs, and a total of 400 positions.  So our relief that we are not going to join the ranks of the unemployed quickly turns to sadness wondering who I know that will be laid off. 

10:20am  – the office is very quiet as we each struggle to work through this news in our own way.  I have thanked God for his watchcare in my life, and asked him to open doors for those who are leaving. 

 1:45pm – Realizing how this economic issue is bringing to the front page what was predicted in scripture at the end of the age.  it is indeed a perilous time and so many of those I work with do not have faith to rest upon.  I have asked the Lord afresh to kindle in me the desire to share my hope, encourage them, and hopefully see my coworkers come to know Jesus as I do.

01:47pm Set my background on my computer to a picture of candles, with the words “Pray and let God worry! – M Luther”  as a reminder to me to do that. 

visit for this image or others like this.

visit for this image or others like this.

In these trying times of financial instability, political instability and rampant fear I am asking you Lord to keep my gaze upon you. Set my eyes on eternity, watching my savior, and may I not look around at the chaos about me.  Lord, make my life a living sacrifice, Holy and acceptable to you.  Amen


Written by Barbara Bloom

April 30, 2009 at 12:54 PM

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