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Growing through brokenness

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Brokenness is something we all shun, or run away from, i think.  It is not easy to be less than what you believe you should be.  Unfortunately brokenness is a part of growth, and a side effect of life itself. 

Over the weekend I spent several days at a retreat, and we discussed a fabulous book called the Emotionally Healthy Church.  The idea is that as a church we have come up with all of these rules, strategies and plans for how to grow – spiritually and physically, but noone has taken the time to look at and learn to suppor t the emotional health. 

In the midst of this discussion we each realized how despirately we are in need of learning to support each other, to be willing to be vulnerable, and to be billing to be transparent.  With that there is an essential requirement that we care for each other and are willing to hold these tender discussions in care and safekeepng, taking it to prayer.  I want that!

And for the first time in years I can say I believe I have found a safe group that will allow me the freedom to share my brokenness, and pray me to the next place. 

I will post another post with the link to take the emotional maturity survey – it is a watershed of information on where we are and how we are doing.  Look for it on my next post.


Written by Barbara Bloom

May 20, 2009 at 2:45 PM