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Inspired to Follow God

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You have not seen much of me posting for some time, probably because life has been busy, and everything else has crowded in.  It is also because I have hit a slump in my life, faith and writing. 

In april and may my posts were good, and solid, and encouraging, but then the big silence.  It has been weeks since I sat down with my bible and spent real and needed time with God.  I have been so tired that it was far easier to just vegitate in front of the TV.  So if you are out there reading this blog can you please pray for me that God will renew my passion for him, for his word, and for his church. 

Yes, I think it is a sense of depression – the finances have been squeeky tight, and the job has been frustrating.  Bids for other positions have closed off to me, and I am not sure I am over the traumatic and sudden death of my dog before easter.  So pray.  Lift up prayers for God to ignite my passion for him, and to turn my gaze from these depressing things to his glory, his plan and his word.

I hear the scripture clicking off in my head “whatever is good, lovely, kind, wholesome… think on these things.” 

So Lord, I pray for myself that you would flood me with the new spark of your spirit, and draw me back to your side where I can hide in the shadow of your protective wings and grow strong.  Keep, i ask, the enemy from me, and give me the tools to stand in your armour.  Amen


Written by Barbara Bloom

July 24, 2009 at 1:00 PM

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A Cheerful Giver

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I love candles – I especially love good candles that fill your home with the smells of fresh baked things.  And the best candles I have ever burned have done this- and they are from A Cheerful Giver.  Visit their website at:

Written by Barbara Bloom

July 17, 2009 at 7:17 AM

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