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Fear is real

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As we press toward freedom from what has held us hostage I truely believe one of the great hinderances is fear. Fear is somethng that comes from nowhere, is probably not logical or rational, and can cause our feet to stumble.

It is funny but for as long as I have had breath I have been intensly afraid of heights, whether it be a few steps up on a ladder, or looking out of a window on a higher floor in a building. Open spaces intensify my alerts even more. I can remember once when we visited the grand canyon that my spouse, the daring one, got very close to the railing and looked over the precipice. The park ranger told me “Thats right, it is approximately 1 mile down to the ground of the canyon from the spot you are standing.” Everything in me tried to carve handles in the rock to hold on.

But I was on solid ground, well away from the prescipice, and there was no possibility of falling off apart from in my momentary lapse of thinking because fear took over. I was missing the beauty of the amazing natural wonder because I was fixated on the fear. How sad is that? Not the abundant life we are called to, is it?

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. –2 Timothy 1:7

Now don;t get me wrong. I do believe God has a built in warning system in us that alerts us to real and present danger. For example, if I were standing on that observation point of the grand canyon and suddenly realized there is a huge linebacker running toward me with the intent of moving me off my feet that would be a logical reaction to be afraid of the possible outcome of our collision. I also believe clear and present dangers are obvious, and would worry more if I did not react to them. Another example – walking through the woods and suddenly come upon a mountain lion with cubs should cause a healthy sense of fear and respect, knowing a wild animal will defend their young.

But the fear I am focused on here is the fear of letting go of circumstances, situations, issue. Our ongoing money issue is something that I have had a fear about. But the truth is that my life, and my finances are in God’s hands. Why should I fear that? I can trust in the character of God and know that he is good. I can also trust that he wants me to know his love and mercy. That doesn;t mean the money problem evaporates into thin air – but it means he is patient and teaching me how to live rightly as I yield each fear to him.

Lord take this verse and drive it deep into my soul, so that i may never fear you, but accept that your plan is to give me a sound mind, your power and your wisdom. Help me be yielded to this each and every day. Amen


Written by Barbara Bloom

September 30, 2009 at 10:10 AM

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