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How am I like Uzza?

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Remember Uzza, the guy who was helping to escort the ark of the covenant back to Jerusalem. The ark was on an oxcart and at some point the cart began to wobble. The oxen stumbled as they approached a threashing floor. Maybe it rode over a rut or a big boulder, but the cart became unstable, and the precious contents began to slide off. Uzza reached out to the ark to steady it and was instantly killed.

David and the whole house of Israel were celebrating with all their might before the LORD, with songs and with harps, lyres, tambourines, sistrums and cymbals. When they came to the threshing floor of Nacon, Uzzah reached out and took hold of the ark of God, because the oxen stumbled. The LORD’s anger burned against Uzzah because of his irreverent act; therefore God struck him down and he died there beside the ark of God. -2Sam 6:5-7

I have been thinking about that passage a lot, and it seems that I have been hearing about it on christian radio often also. So how does this apply to my life? Is there an wisdom here that will help me with my life? my christian walk?

Hmm, Still in deep though about it, but I can say that I know I am guilty of loosing sight of the complete and absolute holyness of God. It seems that every mention of God in the old testament was of pure holiness, and we sinful people could not look upon Him and live. And the new testament ends with a vision of Jesus standing among the lamp stands of Revelation in which he shows his sovereign power and holiness. Countless people have fallen before God’s presence as though they were dead because they sensed his absolute pure sovereign nature. And that very God lives in me because of salvation given to me through the death of Jesus.

I have been praying that the Lord would renew in my heart that sensitivity to his holiness, and that passion to obey and follow him. I want to know what it is to work out my salvation with fear and trembling – fear of God alone. Trembling because I know my weak frame and my sin nature that cannot be trusted.

The ark of the covenant was never meant to be placed on an ox cart, but instead to be upheld by priests of the tribe of Levi, sanctified and set apart for the purpose of bearing the ark. And with at least 4 men holding up the ark by the special poles they did not risk instability of the ark. Every footstep of these men carefully moved the ark to the destination. The priests bore the weigth and responsibility on their shoulders. An ox cart was a seemingly easy choice becayse the cart would hold the weight, but the cart only has 2 wheels, and would be much more unstable. Perhaps it was the absence of sanctified priests to transport the ark, or perhaps the cart was just there… the bib

So then there is me. I have trusted in credit cards, rather than God to provide, or just done without. And over time my finances hit the rocks. It was not God’s plan to build debt. When I begin to rely upon other resources, and different ways to achieve the goal and disobey God;s direction on how to live this does lead to death in my life. Death is a profoundly overwhelming thing when it involves my walk with God. Unfortunately sin leads to death of sensitivity to HIS spirit, and Death to the access to his presence, power and grace. And the sin blinds me to what is the right thing to do. Like David making the choice to put the Ark on an Ox Cart, I made choices to instantly gratify, or source out answers that would bring death to my spirit.

And in the old testament the name of the person is always significant. There is deeper and more profound meanings to each person’s name in the bibile. Uzza, coincidentally means strength…. human strength. His name speaks of being self sufficient, capable, and one who has physical capabilities. He is the man who can handle anything. He takes care of business. I don;t believe it was a coincidence that the man who was struck dead for trying to stabilize the very presence of God manifest in the Ark of the Covenant would be named “Strength”. God’s word is clear about his absolute holy presence. How offensive that must have been to think a strong man would stabilize the manifest presence of God. Who are we that any one of us would ever think we have the ability to help God. I could begin to understand how the anger of the lord stirred – disobedience coupled with human intention is not a good mix.

God himself is strength, and our mortal feeble efforts pale in comparison with his all powerful, all knowing, always present manifestation in humanity. We must realize that HIS holyness cannot be taken lightly.

And as new testament believers we must realize that we are the temple of God – Where we go we always take the presence of God with us. How we act, think and live demonstrates to a watching world what we believe of our God. Am I living my life dependent upon his spirit, his power and his wisdom?

Application challenge – am I choosing easy and logical ways to get through times where there is a need, or am I looking to the God who created everything and trusting him absolutely to provide for my situation.

Lord, you know every detail of me – my thoughts, my ways, my hopes, dreams and fears. And you are intimately acquainted with my life and my situation. I surrender my cares, and burdens to you and I also surrender the ox carts of my life to you. Now take my life and reshape it to glorify you as I learn to trust you more. Amen”


Written by Barbara Bloom

September 30, 2009 at 12:33 PM

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