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Loving our brothers and loving God.

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And this commandment have we from him, That he who loveth God love his brother also. –1 John 4:21

It is easy to love those who are lovely, kind, nice, sincere and genuine. The challenge in my life is to learn how to love those people who are none of this. Those people who are abusers, and lie boldly to you.
Just as I start to think I will render to them what they deserve a still small voice reminds me that I am not really very lovable, kind or good at heart, but the God of the universe loves me. So how much more so should I love those who are not lovable.

Just as I think I have a handle on one portion of my character, and it is surrendered to God…. oops, another area rises up to say it needs attention. Loving people should be a quite normal think. It was much more automatic at one time in my life. But then life….

I am certainly not the first person to wrestle with the idea of loving people. But it sometimes feels like a battle with my flesh to let go of anything that is holding me back from that goal. I yearn to have that flesh stripped away so that I am free to be what I was designed to be – someone who bears in myself the image and character of Christ.

So here are my practical quesitons I have asked myself each time I want to not love that person:
1. Do I remember I am loved, and forgiven of much by God?
2. Why am I angry with the other person?
3. Do I remember that Christ died for them too?
4. Is this situation allowed by God?
5. Can I trust God with this person, the situation, and my heart?

Resoundingly I must say to myself that it is a matter of trusting God for how he is working in the situation. Honestly I can tell you that when I need love the most I am the most unlovely. My attention is often short and I forget to think about the situation in terms on not knowning what is going on in the other person’s life. They may be grumpy or down because of something they would never reveal in public. How can I know what storms are in their lives. They have no clue what storms rage in mine either.

But the option of loving or not loving is not in our marching orders. It is a command. It is an order from the top – love them. when they do wrong to you, love them. When they abuse you, love them. When they take advantage of your kindness, love them. when there is no clear reason to do it – love them. Love them…. LOVE THEM.

If we are to obey God, and live a surrendered life yielded to his spirit we must give up the will, give up the right to disagree, and by faith, with an honest heart Love those who are impossible to love.
So love covers a multitude of sins, and at my best when I am clear, focused, and surrendered I allow love to wash away the hurts, judgement and anger… and cover everything.

May that be more routine and common in my life! Amen.


Written by Barbara Bloom

October 3, 2009 at 2:50 PM

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