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Great Society comes from investment

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A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they will never sit in.”

— Greek Proverb
Quoted in Mentor Like Jesus
by Regi Campbell

I have thought long and hard about this idea, but never was able to distill it to such a concise word. We benefit or fall on the generosity and selflessness of previous generations. My parents, people of the “greatest generation” knew sacrifice, struggle and selflessness through financial lean times, and times of world war. They gave of themselves, probably never were paid what their work was worth, but society was stong, solid, and they were supportive of the growth, willing to shed their self-ishness for the greater good of the whole society.

The quote strikes a cord in me that cannot be silenced. If we choose to live selfishly, looking only at our own interests one day we will come to a place where there is nothing for the greater society. Life the ecology movement, there is something essential and necessary in our soul that we sould give without reaping the benefits of what is given. The seeds of our gift will one day grow into a harvest of a forest if, and only if, we begin to pay forward the goodness that we have been blessed to know.

So here I am Lord, benefiting from the freedom of our nation, and the toil and sweat and lives that have paid a price for me to be free. Here I am able to say just about anything I want to anyone, and the freedom to believe whatever I wish, and practice that believe openly thanks to those courageous generations that are now with you in eternity. and I am saddened by my generation and our total lack of insight into the idea of building for the future. I yearn to live in a way that brings growth, and change to the world around me. This new year, 2010, I commit myself back to you and ask you to take this heart and mind, hands and feet and show me how you want me to be used for your glory, to plant trees I may never see the shade of. Amen


Written by Barbara Bloom

January 3, 2010 at 1:03 AM

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