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Life is so fragile

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This morning my coworker was looking at the news on the internet and there was a horrible breaking story about a man wielding an ax at a mens shelter. It is odd that I even noticed his computer screen because I am usually quite absorbed in my morning work. But I thought the news blurb was tragic and horrible, but very inpersonal.

Somewhere early in the afternoon I got a call and learned that the incident had personal rammifications. The victim of the ax attack was the mother of my spouse’s coworker. A mere 59 years old, this woman started her day with the same routine of getting ready, and heading off to work, not knowing that by the middle of that day she would no longer breathe the air of our earth. Her injuries took her to the trauma bay of the hospital where all human efforts fell short and she slipped into eternity.

My heart fell, my soul filled with sadness and anguish that any human could even think to act in such a violent manner, let alone carry this act out. I was speechless. Death of natural causes is challenging enough to our souls and our spirits, but to be ripped from this life through th violent acts of an irrational person is more than I know how to handle.

So I bowed my heart again, asking the god of all comfort to flood the souls of each of the family that remain, and grant them a gentle comforting presence. And I asked God again how I can be there for the family. Oddly, this news overshaddowed my seemingly gigantic financial nightmare. My trial seems so small compared to this rapid and violent act. God forgive me for my self focused time.

I am a believer in part because of a strong witness given at a funeral. My cousin’s sudden and tragic death in a car accident propelled me to step up my search for God, finding him through the widow, and through God’s word so many years ago. Oddly this woman killed tragically bears the name of one of my cousins, the sister of the cousin who was killed many years ago. Lord may you use me to speak peace to the family. May you flood their souls with your light, with your grace, with your salvation. May you peak their search for answers with finding you. GRant that this horrific death may not cause them to be bitter, but that they can seek you and your hand in this time. Grant that you might bring them your grace and your salvation. May they sense you in this tragic time. Amen.


Written by Barbara Bloom

February 11, 2010 at 12:04 AM

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