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Wrestling or Resting

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Life comes at you fast, is the ad slogan of one of the insurance compaines. Life does come at you fast, changing quickly and without the capability to fully fathom them.

In the midst of this time of transition – of unemployment, and of financial shortages, Jesus is not surprised. He has a plan for my life, and it is a matter of surrendering my life back to him again, and again and again and…. again. The weight of this time is like a giant sumo wrestler who has stepped into the arena and made challenges on my life. I found this picture on the web and believe it speaks for what this life feels like in earthly terms:

So now the lesson in this. The still small voice of the Savior is whispering “I am here, I know you my child, I know where you are, and I have a plan for your life. I know how you have been hurt. I know what your needs are and I want you to know I have a plan for your life, and I want to give you a future and a hope. Look to me, lay this in my hands and let go. just let go. trust me. I created the entire world, i hung the stars in place, and set the earth rotating in its orbit. Turn to me, and just breathe. Just seek me, and rest in my arms now.”

No more wrestling – no more trying to find the way in life… just resting, and trusting him. I don;t want to face the sumo. I want to trust in God.

Father, here i am. My hands are opened and my spirit is yielded to you. I wait for you, I yield to your authority and I lay down the right to wrestle. You know the sumo that is my life, coming charging at me. You are my shield and my defender, my high tower, the one I run into and hide for the storm to pass. I yield every thought to your authority, and every action to you. Thank you for calling me and yielding me to you. I need you desperately and I yearn to reflect your glory, glorifying you with every breath I take.


Written by Barbara Bloom

June 14, 2010 at 6:14 AM