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Summer is ending

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It is funny that as a child I loved having summer off… romping in the sun, swimming, soaking up the rays to have the darkest tan in town, an endless supply of paperbacks, library books, craft projects, and life was simple.
these 30 some years since graduating high school I have not had a summer like that until this year. I have found lots of free time because I have been unemployed and hunting for work. It is like hunting for rhinos in cleveland… scarce, oh, wait a minute – are there really any jobs to be found? actually i dont think there are.

so summer is ending, and like my youth i must again dress up, put real shoes on, and get serious about an income.

i have discovered that when I worked I had lost myself… that core of who I am and why i exist. My purpose was to put out fires, keep irrational people happy, and rational people calm…. without that stress I have realized how draining my last job was, and how stressful it is to feel i must compete with the big dogs with their fancy high priced suites and dime a dozen mba’s. i am finding freedom in my new found poverty. but it is not poverty of the soul, just of the pocketbook.

Lord, you have released me for this summer to be free, to celebrate life, to heal the pain and stress life has brought, and to come to an end of myself. I again lay it all down, lay it at your feet, yield my life, my thoughts, my plans, my future to the creator of all. You know me full well, and know the plan you forged for me…. lead me in your righteousness and surround me with your love… May I always know your great and abiding love in my life. And your staying power. Amen. – PS- can you give me a job that pays enough to pay my bills! thank you


Written by Barbara Bloom

September 22, 2010 at 4:06 PM

Posted in daily life, growth, hope, prayer

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