Thorns among the Barbs

Thoughts on my journey to heaven

surrender is continual

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the year has been one i do not wish to repeat. changes, unemployment, financial issues and a tough job market have made it next to impossible to put any security in what I see and less in what I know…. but then i surrender my thoughts again…. in the midst of a panic attack i yield to the one who made me, who knows me better than i do…. and i am reminded this storm shall pass. For he has a plan for me, a future and a hope. So i dont want to confess how many times a day I come back to him and yield again this weak and sin scarred mind to his sovereignty.

Blessed are you lord God, king of the universe, master of my soul. I again yield my heart, mind and soul to Jesus Christ, and I present my thoughts to you, prisoners of this war that rages on earth. Grant me peace, that I may dwell on that which is good, and perfect and right, and refuse to give in to the fear, intimidation, or what my eyes see,. I know you love me and you want the best for my life…. i will again choose to trust. Amen


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