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One day the struggle will end

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One day the struggle with this life will dissolve into peace, wholeness and health in the presence of Jesus. Amen. amen, even so lord Jesus come quickly!!!! this has been my thoughts for this first week of a new year. I yearned to know that something is good in this world, but within a few short days of the new year came word that there will be another round of layoffs, and a dear friend told me she had been given her 30 day notice.

I am no super christian, but I am a believer, and I do submit my whole life to the Lord…. this is important for you to hear because what I want to say may sound like I have doubt.

I think I have a healthy sense of life… the uncertainty of life is real. We may be riding high today only to be struggling tomorrow. In my work world I have always enjoyed what I do, even the most mundane chores… and I have always appreciated the people. But the work environment has become so tainted, so poisoned by sin and greed. And it seems that it is getting worse and worse…

I had entered 2011 asking God to break the bands of struggle, and give me a job, a real career, a real income. And to free me from a very tenuous status of my employment that seems to disable my ability to move forward. Listed as part time, but working full time hours, no benefits, no health insurance, no sick time, or vacation time… discounted labor force…. hmm.

But it is not really this that grips me… but one symptom is the corporate culture that hires high priced consultants that make 6 figure salaries, and fly them home across the country each weekend. And the company puts them up at the fanciest hotels, with a food budget, all on the company. And these guys come and go, and when they go they leave a wake of layoffs. Layoffs that had to happen to pay for the high priced consultant’s budgets. And those consultants results were not satisfactory so bring in another round, pay them more than the last guys, lay off another couple dozen people, and continue the process.

So what happened to the workforce that was loyal, hard working, and faithful, lived in the geographic area, and payed taxes here, were invested in the best interest of the community, their schools, their government, their institutions? It is hard to be loyal to this town when you fly cross country to your mc-mansion and mc-kids who probably go to a mc-private mc-school or become members of mc-private country clubs.

ok, cynicism doesn’t become me. But this trend of gutting the work force in favor of business mercenaries who kill and destroy all i n the name of reclaiming their MBAs and maintaining their lifestyle fly’s in the face of everything that has been right and good about America.

We have lost something deep in our fabric. We have lost a sense of the value of people. We have lost the sense of the value of community, and of employing locally, or of graciously helping people rather than kicking them to the curb. And we have lost the willingness that business is not paper perfect – there will be times when you have to understand and encourage that person with some sudden devistating health concern, or the person who is a bit distracted because their home life is in upheavel. We used to understand. We used to make those exceptions and try to help those who needed it back to a life of productivity…. THese days you can;t let them see any emotion or anything they would deem weakness. You just can;t be human. And these days you can;t get older. God help you if you are over 50 in the work place now… that will be short lived.

Yes, ask how many of the unemployed are over 50 years old… and you might be shocked. Ask why – is it because of age alone, or did some MBA crunch the numbers and decide that the older you get the more likely you are to utilize benefits, or draw on health care? Is it a simple cost containment effort under foot here? Or have we severed more of the human sensitivity to life and preferred the “what works on paper must work in life – no emotion, no room for human thought” school of business?

If you are reading this, and have some insight I would love feedback. I would love to understand how this world is changing right before my eyes, and that change is not for the good. I would love to understand how we have turned our backs on the hard working, resourceful, and compassionate and opted instead to hire the insecure, jealous, vindictive and emotion less managers that are keeping shop.

And the next question is this…. is there any hope of recovering from this slide? Can America take back the dignity and wisdom to stop letting a few financial hoars from destroying the life of the middle class?

Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron. – 1 Timothy 4:1-2

So am i surprised this world is changing? No, a thousand times no. But would I like to have not seen the slide in my lifetime – absolutely.
I think what grieves me is that so many of these people are turning countless lives into states of chaos, upheaval and change. And in the midst of this the care and compassion for one another as humans has come to a severed end, and the greed of money and power has won out only to the determent of our society.


Starting the new year with God

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The first thing I did today when i woke up was to grab my bible, pray and read. I have purposed to find time daily and seek out God for everything. I started my day with the book of Phillipians and here are some of the things God spoke to me of:

– there is a good and solid structure of leadership to the church – Phil 1:1 mentions saints, deacons and bishops
>>I thank god for leadership structure and the protection that good leadership means to each of us and the health of the church

– Prayer should be constant, and with joy, and for all of the believers (1:3-5)
>> I ask you lord to put on my heart people to pray for, and grant me the faithfulness to pray for others faithfully.

– God is not finished with me yet but has a plan and a purpose (1:6)
>> reminde me lord of the hope and future you have for me.

– Life will have things happen to us, but they are often for the furtherance of the gospel (1:10-13)
>> Help me look to you for all things and see you through all situations and remember that you are writing the story.

– Some people will misrepresent or misuse the gospel (1:14-17)
>> Keep me lord on the straight and narrow, purposing to always do what is right and good.

It is my hope to spend the month of January reading Phillipeans, and commenting as the lord speaks.
Has he given me a verse for this year? yes –
Phillipeans 1:27-29

Written by Barbara Bloom

January 1, 2011 at 1:51 PM