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Thoughts about Ruth and Boaz

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As a church we are working through the book of Ruth on sundays. Today we read through chapter 3 and the first 12 verses of chapter 4. Ruth is encouraged by Naomi to get spruced up and visit Boaz on the threshing floor, and lay at his feet. He discovers her when his feet are cold, and does the honorable thing of watching over her until morning. In the morning he hunts down the other person who would qualify as a kindsman redeemer – the closes family member that would buy both the land and the right to have Ruth as wife and honor the memory of her deceased husband. This un-named guy flatly refuses the offer when he learns the deal involves both the land and Ruth. Boaz is then free to become Ruth’s Kindsman Redeemer.

I included a photo of the painting known as The Kiss by Gustav Klimt for two reasons.
1. I have an inexpensive copy of this painting hanging in my bathroom. His style speaks deeply to me.
2. this painting reminds me of Boaz and Ruth.

Boaz has wrapped Ruth in his coat in many senses of the word. He has chosen to cover her and protect her. His offering is gracious, honorable, and while we fail to practice the kindsman redeemer concept in our society, he wanted to do the right thing. His love and compassion were coupled with a sensitive correctness… everything should be above reproach.

In a great sense each of us are like Ruth – needing to be redeemed from this life of sin and challenge. We each carry scars of pain that life has given us- whether widowhood, or physical illness, childlessness, unexpected financial reversal. Being honest I must tell you that I cry when I read these passages because of that deep compassion Boaz exhibited. And I know that he is a type of Christ. He is a human example of the divine character of our great God who would not leave us forever in this sin scarred world, but made a way of redeeming us through the death of his son Jesus.


Written by Barbara Bloom

November 21, 2011 at 4:13 AM