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Holding out hope for those who are on the edge

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This has been a week of highs and lows – of amazing wonderful news that has brought surges of joy and hope to our lives, and by contrast there has been devistating news of a diagnose a friend received of sudden onset of a rapid metastasizing cancer that is not operable.

Deep sigh – My first thought was “this is just a test – someone made a diagnosis mistake and this can;t be true – he was in church last week and was healthy, strong, vital… he is a hard working guy with a physically demanding job- he would have felt or recognized symptoms sooner, right?” But the truth is the pain that took him to the doctor was a sudden one – and it was only after multiple tests, and scans that a huge tumor was found…

So we come to the father and ask him to heal this guy.
“Father, our friend has survived Vietnam, and a lot of years of challenge and struggle. You have given him a strong testamoney and a voice that resonates with teens. And you have given him a heart for teens. Please show yourself strong and reduce the tumor, and reverse the cancer. Miracles have happened before to demonstrate your glory. All eyes are on you Lord, desiring a miracle for him. You alone can answer these prayers, and heal him in a divine act of grace. Father, we need you so much – for every detail of life. Please show yourself strong in our lives, shelter us from the stormy blasts, and shield us from the fiery darts of the enemy. Amen

And with that said, I hold out hope for anyone out there that is struggling with life, with the storms of health issues, finance issues, people issues, or life itself. Come with me to the throne of God and lay your concerns down there… believe God can answer you, and surrender – put those hands up in the air – no longer grasping onto the worry, concern, challenge, difficulty. He has it. He knows your future, he has a plan. Let him lead.


Written by Barbara Bloom

March 17, 2012 at 2:40 PM

All we can do is pray

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No, not a hopeless statement, but a declaration of sheer dependency on the Sovereign God who rules over all things. I hate to tell you that i bristle when I hear someone say “well, all we can do is pray” as if to say there is no other alternative.

Prayer needs to be the core and first choice of every human… seeking the wisdom, guidance, clarity, and abundance that only our father can bring is not a last ditch effort.

Prayer has always been a part of my life, but in the crucible of unemployment, sharp and marked economic reversal and new health concerns there is no other thought than to lay everything into the hands of God, and seek his clarity daily. And honestly that may also be moment to moment at times.

So why do we carry a misconception that as humans we have the power to make everything happen, make it better, heal that wound, change that future in our own power.

For those of you reading who still believe you have great power over your life please excuse me for being so brash, but “You don;t have power over your life. Nor do I over mine.” Surely we have times of free will, and times when God blesses us in spite of our best layed human plans. But the truth is even the breath we breathe comes from Him. Salvation is not something we can conjur up – The Father has to draw us, to put a deep longing, a hunger, a desperate need for His Salvation deep in our soul.

And we are hopeless to shrug this sin nature, apart from His Spirit filling us up and changing our hearts. And yet we sin, and yet we stumble and fall. But He stands waiting for us like a parent holding his arms out and calling us back.

So the next time you hear someone say “all we can do is pray.” I challenge you to turn it around and say “Prayer is all we can do – the answer is up to the Lord.”

Written by Barbara Bloom

March 17, 2012 at 2:40 AM