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Living by faith, not by sight

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I keep getting reminded to not look at or put stock in what i see, because my mind wants to lie to me… the news tells me the scary things, the world tells me that if i am not a certain size, or have white teeth i dont fit in.  But then i open the word of god and my lord tells me another story… he tells me that i am his beloved, that he has called me by name, has chosen me before the foundation of the world, and he has purposed my life for knowing him, loving him, living for him.  His life, the life that the word speaks of is not always visible, tangible, or spoke of by the world….. so this living by faith is a challenge. 

When i think of faith i turn to the book of Hebrews 11, the “Hall of Faith” chapter.  And i think all of us want to live in the first half of that chapter, where glorious glowing examples of faith like moses and abraham live…. but the chapter ends with stories of struggle, hardship, and even death for the faith…. and few of us want that… These days it has felt like we live in the end of hebrews 11, with some beaten, some tortured, and some put to death.  I think now of the many persecuted christians world wide, and pray for strength for them.  And i realize that it may be our time too.  Are we strong enough to stand the crucible of trial, of torture, of death, to live for Jesus?

“Lord, first thank you for loving us, for calling us, for calling us to be your beloved.  May we draw closer and closer to you.  And as we do, may you strengthen your believers world wide.  may those in direct harm stand for you, and draw all men to you through their faithfulness to Christ.  Stand in their presence, draw their captors to you, compel those who oppose you to bow to your authority, and leadership.  Rise up big in the church, captivate our hearts, use us to build your kingdom.  We stand free in a nation that is slowly erroding from freedom, and thank you that you still permit freedom here.  Grant your people boldness and wisdom, grace and power to reach this world for your name. And may we live by every word that proceeds out of your mouth.  Amen.”


Written by Barbara Bloom

May 8, 2012 at 11:06 AM

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