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Is God pursuing you, or are you pursuing God?

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There is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God.  – Romans 3:11

The bible reinforces the idea that left to our own devices we will not seek after God, or good.   Bue I never really comprehended how much God pursued Abram until this reading of Genesis, when there are eight (8) documented instances of God pursuing Abram.  

For years I have ruminated the thought that even the ability to read God’s word or to understand any of his word is not my own, but a gift of God, drawing  me.

I have to tell you that I began this post in January and have held this as a pending post because I quietly hoped something would change.  You see, I have a sister in law who’s alcoholic tendencies have moved from the casual beer drinker to a serious addiction that has taken its toll on her health and the overall well being of her family.  She still works full time, and has a wonderful job, but after work and the hours leading up to returning to work are filled with her picking her liver in alcohol. 

She can;t see that she despirately needs to know the unfailing love of a benevolent God, and she doesn;t know that He alone can meet her needs for emotional, social, physical, spiritual…. etc.     We were out to visit her on easter weekend and it couldn;t have been a more stark contrast – this is the day we recognize the wonder of our redemption, the hope of all mankind, and she toast to it swilling down an endless array of beer and alcohol. 

In my days before christ I would have done the same, so I am not knocking what she is, but the real issue is that my heart cries for her to find hope, to find redemption, to be cradled in the love that God alone can provide.  I want her to know the peace I found.  And she is operating outside of the love and protection of faith.  My heart cries for her.

Everything in me cries to you, Lord God, Holy One.  Thank you for the endless mercy and grace you have bestowed on me.  You alone are the one who turns our head, turns our gaze to you.  You alone call us out of darkness and into that marvelous light of your salvation.  Please look upon our unsaved family.  We love them, and we long for them to find the peace and safety in your grasp.  Even now, wherever they are, touch them, draw them, call them from the scars of sin, blaze your light into their dark souls and give them hope.


Written by Barbara Bloom

May 15, 2009 at 2:44 PM