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What am I reading now? Learning to Fly Again

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I have always shared a passion for missions and world evangelism. In fact at one point in our lives we were actively pursuing the first steps to candidate for a church planting mission agency. That said, I have also remembered praying for various missionaries in distress. In 2001 a non-descript missionary couple serving in the Phillapeanes were taken hostage, and held captive for over a year. When the Phillapean government liberated them the husband, Martin, was killed by their bullets. Gracia was left to return to the states and begin to rebuild her life with their 3 children.

Gracia Burnham has written two books – the first was an account of that year of captivity. (Yes, I read this immediately after it came out) The second is what I am reading now. The title of her secound book is “Learning to fly again“.

It was one of my forrays into books on tape – partly because I spend the majority of my work life reading computer screens and anything else required, and generally my eyes are weary for anything else.
But with the first disk in, and 5 minutes into the book I knew this was something the Lord himself wanted me to learn.

The back cover of the book sums it up well

“Is it possible to soar—not just survive—after life has knocked you down?
Like a violent microburst that threatens to down an aircraft, an unexpected crisis may rock your world and leave you wondering whether life—as you’ve known it anyway—is over.

Gracia Burnham understands those feelings. She and her husband, Martin, spent a horrific year as hostages among the Abu Sayyaf terrorists in the Philippines. She was rescued after a gun battle that killed her husband. When she returned to the United States, her life was filled with uncertainty.

In this book, Gracia Burnham reflects on how, by God’s grace, she is rebuilding her life. Using illustrations from the Burnhams’ year in the jungle, as well as her experiences since returning home, Gracia writes about the confusion, fear, anger, anxiety, and loss of control that all people in crisis experience. She also illustrates how God longs to pour his grace into people with broken dreams and fill their life with new meaning and joy.

You may be one of the many thousands of people who know the Burnhams’ story from Gracia’s first book, In the Presence of My Enemies. Or perhaps you are seeking direction and hope in the midst of your own crisis. Either way, after reading this book you’ll better understand why God’s sufficiency, grace, and peace are never so real as when you choose to trust him in the midst of pain and difficulty. – Taken from

I will keep you posted on the book and valuable lessons I am learning through this amazing book.


Written by Barbara Bloom

December 30, 2009 at 12:00 PM

More visions of night shift

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Every other weekend I work 3rd shift for the advice line and during that weekend my circadian rhythms are thrown off completely.  Such is the case again.  The night shift has one big fat hour to go… and it is done.  But the down side is that in 2 hours I start my regular job, and work all day.  I have been trying to learn better habits to prepare for the sleep deprivation, and the rebound…. But this weekend I was having problems.  Saturday night went slowly, and by 6:30AM  I was all but nodding off in my chair.  I came home hoping to stay awake to go to church, but once I layed down for a quick nap the hopes of church faded away and i slept until almost 4pm.  While I felt rested at that time, 13 hours later I am reallly longing for an hour nap…

All things work together for the good for them who are called according to his purpose – yes, even these crazy night shift hours, listening to people who refuse to take responsibility for their own health decisions and care…. this is all part of what God is doing in me.  He is reminding me that I have gotten myself into a financial pickle… and the only way out is through it.  Sacrifice now to begin to correct behavior, and bills.  So with each tick of the night shift clock I thank god for the opportunity to make a living, for breath, and for the wisdom that comes from him in all matters.

Written by Barbara Bloom

February 16, 2009 at 5:40 AM