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Life groups and the power of prayer

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In my younger years, when I came to faith I did not know how rich an experience I had. the Lord surrounded me with believers who loved his word, and loved people.  Those first years of growing were watershed times and now I know how rare that is to find a group of believers who desire to grow strong.  I could remember clearing the books for tuesday evening and never, ever planning anything but bible study.  When that study ended I was lost, hungry for the fellowship of people and the bond of fellowship in God’s Word.

I have been searching for at least 16 years for this type of safe place to grow, with people who love you, and prayerfully have your back.  Well, I can say the prayers for a group where I belong and want to grow was answered.  We started attending the life group about a month ago, and wow, God does answer prayers.  The group is diverse, but they beat with the heart of God, and welcomed us in as their own.

pray-handsTuesday night we focused on the passage of Gideon, and the question was “what has the Lord spoken to you about this passage – and how are you working it out in your life.”  Willingly each of us yielded answers, some of joy and others of heavy sorrow.  But the prayer that surrounded each person was where I knew God answered my prayer for a place to belong.  One of the women who doesn;t really know me apart from a few visits during life group and the occassional hi in church for worship.  But during prayer after I shared my thoughts she prayed something deeply profound, of which I had not spoken out loud.  I have struggled with a deep sense of insecurity because my father always told me negative things.  This has been the motivation for me to pursue more education, and seek career advancement, never settled to say that where I am is ok.  My husband knows this, but we have been married almost 3 decades and he should know this about me by now.  Only God knew that I have been praying to ovecome the negative words spoken over me, and almost word for word this woman prayed

“Lord, please release all of the negativity, the words that have been dropped into her life as seeds and those seeds that have grown into a harvest of pain in her life.  Release all of the words of negativity from her and free her to walk in the fullness of your blessing.  Grant her to know release from the thoughts that strangle, and kill and destroy.  And in their place give her joy unspeakable, peace unceasing, and deeper mercy for others through this experience. Amen”

I am a guarded person, but when God’s spirit moves in my heart and mind the tears begin to flow, and by the time our prayer time was over I was a blitering mess… but it was good.  I realized this is one of the first times in years that I have sensed the power of prayer in my heart.  And it was one of the first times in years I was open to being vulnerable and honest with others.  Praise God for the breakthroughs.


Written by Barbara Bloom

May 6, 2009 at 7:07 AM