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More visions of night shift

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Every other weekend I work 3rd shift for the advice line and during that weekend my circadian rhythms are thrown off completely.  Such is the case again.  The night shift has one big fat hour to go… and it is done.  But the down side is that in 2 hours I start my regular job, and work all day.  I have been trying to learn better habits to prepare for the sleep deprivation, and the rebound…. But this weekend I was having problems.  Saturday night went slowly, and by 6:30AM  I was all but nodding off in my chair.  I came home hoping to stay awake to go to church, but once I layed down for a quick nap the hopes of church faded away and i slept until almost 4pm.  While I felt rested at that time, 13 hours later I am reallly longing for an hour nap…

All things work together for the good for them who are called according to his purpose – yes, even these crazy night shift hours, listening to people who refuse to take responsibility for their own health decisions and care…. this is all part of what God is doing in me.  He is reminding me that I have gotten myself into a financial pickle… and the only way out is through it.  Sacrifice now to begin to correct behavior, and bills.  So with each tick of the night shift clock I thank god for the opportunity to make a living, for breath, and for the wisdom that comes from him in all matters.


Written by Barbara Bloom

February 16, 2009 at 5:40 AM