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Rantings of a tired 3rd shift worker.

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I try hard not to judge anyone, but sometimes I think that my “Beaver Cleaver” upbringing clashes drastically with the clueless entitlement crowd of our day.   I absolutely dislike wilful ignorance – in our day and age there is no reason to be ignorant.  There are opportunities to learn, to grow, to become something better all around us.  But some people prefer to expect that people will hand them everything on a silver platter.


I started this shift exhausted from 3 days of double shifts and very little sleep.  My heart was not really in this work tonight.  I must be frank when I say that fielding endless calls about babies that vomited, and grown people who have the sniffles – which seems to constitute near death emergencies in their mind and fill up our emergency rooms with unnecessary volume, dragging down the staff, depleting the resources that should be dedicated to caring for emergent health concerns like heart attacks, strokes, and the like is very exhausting work. 

So I am tired, and so I have grown weary of the ills of an undeucated, illiterate society that lives side by side with those of us who learned early in life to establish a family doctor, and call on him or her when our sniffles, coughs, and normal life maladies came along.  We took responsibility for our colds and made pots of chicken soup, and rested, and doctored ourself and we knew when to call our family physician.  In fact I can only remember one visit to the emergency room as a child and that was because I clearly broke a limb playing and rough housing with a neighbor kid. 

And when we got antibiotics we allowed them to time to get into the system and take effect.  Sometimes it was a week, or longer, but we knew that the only thing to do was go through the illness.   OK, Our moms went to a local pharmacy, where they were on a first name basis with the “druggist” and he usually offered guidance on over the counter helps. 

And we went to bed, or were put to bed early to rest, to get enough sleep so that we would feel better.  Not like those callers at 3am that have their wild band of indians jumping on beds, shouting at the top of their lungs while mom is trying to demand rediculous things of an advice line in the middle of the night.

We are the responsible citizens of a nation that is growing less functional, and giving way to the crumbling nature of a welfare nation overrunning and overburdening everyone else. 

If I could speak my mind on that phone I would say a few honest comments:

  • Read about what babys should be like, and find out about common illnesses of childhood before they are born. 
  • Find an older woman to mentor you as a mom.
  • Get a doctor – establish with one, call them when you are feeling ill or your kid is sick.
  • Learn about health issues – take some role in your health care.
  • Stop having sex with everything that lives and wonder why you have had another occurrance of a STD.
  • Stop naming your children after an STD, or something you don;t understand.
  • Go to bed at a reasonable hour.
  • Have reasonable expectations about your health concerns, and the process of getting well.

OK, Cathartic ranting is not always pretty, but it is out of my system for now.  Good night, and I am going to bed.


Written by Barbara Bloom

February 4, 2009 at 1:21 AM